Ahmadea Aman, Khalid & Moncalvo, gen. nov.

Mycobank number: MB 557795; Index Fungorum number: IF 557795; Facesoffungi number: FoF09164;

Etymology – Ahmadea (Latin), in honour and memory of Dr. Sultan Ahmad (1910-1983): His work was instrumental for the documentation of fungi in Pakistan and an inspiration for the development of mycology in Pakistan.

Diagnosis – Hypogeous ascomata, irregular in shape, thin excipulum, solid gleba lacking paraphyses, asci with eight spores (sometimes less), ascospores globose, ornamented with sharp spines with a broad base and blunt ends.

Type speciesAhmadea dalanensis Aman & Khalid, sp. nov.

Notes – We are introducing a new genus in the family Pezizaceae. It is so far monospecific and based on a truffle, Ahmadea dalanensis, which is described below. The proposal for this new genus is based upon combined evidence derived from the morphology and LSU sequence phylogeny.