Aeminium ludgeri J. Trovão, I. Tiago & A. Portugal, in Trovão et al., MycoKeys 45: 64 (2019). Fig. 4

MycoBank number: MB 824977; Index Fungorum number: IF 824977; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08050.

Description – see Trovão et al. (2019).

Ecological and economic significance

Species in this family are halotolerant, xerophilic, and facultative alkaliphiles on deteriorated lime-stones. Microcolonial black fungi are one of the main factors of stone biodeterioration and correspond to aesthetic, biochemical, and biophysical alterations (Sterflinger 2000, 2010, Sterflinger & Piñar 2013, Trovão et al. 2019).

Figure 4 Aeminium ludgeri (redrawn from Trovão et al. 2019). a Intercalary and terminal conidial chains. b Initial hyphae becoming toruloid-like. c Arthroconidia. d Toruloid-like hyphae and mature chains of arthroconidia. Scale bars: a–c = 20 μm, d = 50 μm.