Acarosporaceae Zahlbr. Two major phylogenetic studies covering this group were published recently (Miadlikowska et al. 2014; Westberg et al. 2015). The phylogeny presented in Fig. 1 is based on the matrix of Westberg et al. (2015), where citations of samples and sequences used can be found. The two new species described here all belong to the Acarospora glaucocarpa group (including e.g., A. cervina and A. badiofusca), which is not part of Acarospora in the strict sense (type: A. schleicheri). The morphologically defined A. glaucocarpa group is nested with species currently placed in Sarcogyne. The new species are provisionally placed in Acarospora according to the current morphological concept of the genus, but will likely not be classified here in the future. A generic revision is, however, not possible at this stage.

Fig. 1 Phylogram generated from maximum likelihood analysis (implemented in RAxMLGUI 1.3) based on combined ITS, nuLSU, mtSSU and beta-tubulin sequenced data of the family Acarosporaceae. Maximum likelihood bootstrap values ≥70 % are indicated over the branches. Newly described species are in blue. The tree is rooted with Pycnora sorophora

  • Acarospora septentrionalis

  • Acarospora castaneocarpa