Vargamyces Tóth, Acta. Biol. Hung. 25: 403 (1980).

MycoBank number: MB 10375; Index Fungorum number: IF 10375; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08157; 1 morphological species (Hernandez-Restrepo et al. 2017), 1 species with molecular data.

Type speciesVargamyces aquaticus (Dudka) Tóth, Acta. Biol. Hung. 25: 403 (1980).

Camposporium aquaticum Dudka, Ukr. bot. Zh. 23: 91 (1966).

NotesVargamyces is a hyphomycetous genus, characterized by sympodially proliferating light brown, long subhyaline conidiophores and dark or brown, fusiform, multi-septate conidia with slightly paler end cells and large guttules (Tóth 1979, Révay et al. 2014). Based on morphological and molecular data, Hernandez-Restrepo et al. (2017) argued that Repetophragma ontariense and Vargamyces aquaticus are conspecific, listed them as synonyms and confirmed the generic placement of Vargamyces in the Amniculicolaceae. See Révay et al. (2014) and Hernandez- Restrepo et al. (2017) for further details.


  • Vargamyces aquaticus