Vaginatispora amygdali YR Xiong, Manawas., K.D. Hyde.

MycoBank number: MB 823145; Index Fungorum number: IF 823145; Facesoffungi number:  FoF 05089;

Paratype: ZHKU 21-0008

Saprobic on dead stems of Smilax china L. Sexual morph: Ascomata ellipsoidal-fusiform, sparse, immersed, arising protuberant black cristae on superficial, black, 310–370 μm high, 400–500 μm diam. Ostiolar neck central, papillate, elongated, laterally compressed, 105–160 μm high, 100–370 μm wide, composed of 15–20 μm diam, globose to elongated, dark brown to black cells, with hyaline periphyses. Peridium brown-black, 35–40 μm wide thick side, comprise by 5–8 layers of rectangular, thin section casting, 9–13 × 3−5 μm, brown to hyaline cells; light brown, 8–15 μm wide thick base. Pseudoparaphyses numerous, 1–2.5 μm wide, hyphae-like, cellular. Asci bitunicate, fissitunicate, cylindrical-clavate, (68–)75–130 × (14–)15–20 μm (x = 97 × 17 μm, n=20), with a short stipe (12–18.5 μm long, x = 15.0 μm, n = 10), apically rounded with a broad ocular chamber, 8-spored. Ascospores (22–)25–38 × 6–11 μm (x = 31 × 8.5 μm, n=40), Q = (2.6–)2.8–4.5 (x = 3.7, n = 40), hyaline, striate, fusiform, euseptate, verrucose, obtuse ends, slightly constricted at the septum. Sheath drawn out 5–10 μm long at both ends Asexual morph: Undetermined.

Culture characteristics – Colonies on PDA, slow growing, reaching 3 cm diam. after 14 days at 25 °C, for above, radial white on the surface then next layer black brown on down, for the reverse, the centre is black, then is brown, then the colour gradually becomes lighter, and the margin are white, irregular, umbonate, rough, undulate and white margin.

Material examined – China, Guangdong province, Shaoguan City, Danxia Mountain, isolated from dead branch of Smilax china L., 11 November 2020, YR. Xiong & B. Xu (ZHKUCC 21-0116, new host record).

Fig. ** Vaginatispora amygdali (ZHKUCC 21-0116, new host) a, b. Appearance of ascomata on dead branch of Smilax china L. c. Ascoma in longitudinal section. d. Peridium of ascoma. e. Pseudoparaphyses. f. Ascus apex. g–k. Asci. l–s. Ascospores. t. Germinating ascospore. u, v. Culture characters on PDA (u: Above view; v: Reverse view).