Torpedosporales E.B.G. Jones, Abdel-Wahab & K.L. Pang, Fungal Divers. 73(1): 42 (2015)
The families Etheirophoraceae, Juncigenaceae and Torpedosporaceae form well-separated
(99% ML, 1.00 PP, 99% ML, 1.00 PP and 100% ML, 1.00 PP) clades within Torpedosporales in
the phylogram generated from combined LSU, SSU and rpb2 sequence data (Fig. 24). This
observation is supported by previous studies of Jones et al. (2015) and Maharachchkumbura et al.
(2016b). The divergence time for Torpedosporales is estimated as 185 MYA (Fig. 2). Currently
there are three families and ten genera in this order (Hyde at al. 2020).