Tirisporellales Suetrong, E.B.G. Jones & K.L. Pang, Fungal Divers. 73(1): 42 (2015)

Index Fungorum Number: IF812597

The monotypic order Tirisporellales is placed in the class Sordariomycetes, subclass Diaporthomycetidae and comprises a single family, Tirisporellaceae. Suetrong et al. (2015) introduced Tirisporellaceae with two monotypic genera Tirisporella and Thailandiomyces. Jones et al. (2015) introduced Tirisporellales to accommodate the genera Tirisporella, Thailandiomyces with an additional genus Bacusphaeria. In our phylogram generated with concatenated LSU and SSU sequence data, the genera Tirisporella (100% ML, 100% MP), Thailandiomyces (93% ML, 100% MP), and Bacusphaeria (100% ML, 100% MP) formed strongly supported clades within Tirisporellales. In Fig. 1 this order formed an internal clade of Diaporthales and this observation is supported in Hongsanan et al. (2017). However, Tirisporellales was not formally synonymized under Diaporthales by either Hyde et al. (2017a) or Hongsanan et al. (2017). Tirisporellaceae is primarily aquatic with both freshwater and marine taxa with hyphomycetous asexual morphs which are not usually found in Diaporthales (Zhang et al. 2019). Therefore, we do not place this order in Diaporthales. The divergence time for Tirisporellales is estimated as 142 MYA (Fig. 2). Currently, there is one family and three genera in this order (Hyde et al. 2020).