Terrestriporiaceae Y.C. Dai, B.K. Cui, F. Wu, Y. Yuan & Jia J. Chen, fam. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 834539; Index Fungorum number: IF 834539; Facesoffungi number: FoF 09499;

Type genusTerrestriporia Y.C. Dai, B.K. Cui, F. Wu, Y. Yuan & Jia J.

Chen Habitat – grows on soil.

Rotting type – unknown.

Basidioma annual, resupinate, hymenophore poroid, hyphal structure monomitic, generative hyphae mostly simple septate, but occasionally having clamp connections, gloeoplerous hyphae present, basidiospores hyaline, thin-walled, smooth, amyloid.

Notes – The family Terrestriporiaceae is established to accommodate the genera Terrestriporia in the order Russulales based on its distinct lineage in the phylogenetic analysis. The combined phylogeny of five genes data (Fig. 1) demonstrates that Terrestriporiaceae is related to Albatrellaceae but shows no affinity to the other families of Russulales. The family Albatrellaceae includes mostly stipitate and mycorrhizal species. Hence a new family Terrestriporiaceae is established.

Figure 1 – BI tree illustrating the phylogeny of Terrestriporia alba, and related species in Agaricomycetes based on the combined ITS+nLSU+RPB1+RPB2+TEF1 dataset. Branches are labelled with maximum parsimony and maximum likelihood bootstrap proportions higher than 75% and Bayesian posterior probabilities more than 0.95 respectively.