Termitariopsis M. Blackw., Samson & Kimbr., Mycotaxon 12(1): 98 (1980)

Index Fungorum number: IF10184; 1 morphological species.

Type species Termitariopsis cavernosa M. Blackw., Samson & Kimbr.

Notes Termitariopsis was described by Blackwell et al. (1980) as a monotypic genus and is
a species found on insects (Neivamyrmex opacithorax) in Kansas. Although Wijayawardene et al.
(2017a) listed Termitariopsis as Ascomcota genera incertae sedis, we maintain Mattirolella and
Termitariopsis in Kathistaceae based on similar morphology (Blackwell et al. 1980)