Spegazzinia Sacc., Michelia 2 (6): 37 (1880)

Index Fungorum number: IF9963

Spegazzinia was established by Saccardo (1880) based on S. ornata. There are 17 taxa listed in Species Fungorum (2020). Based on morphology, the genus was placed in Apiosporaceae (Sordariomycetes) by Hyde et al. (1998). According to the phylogenetic analyses based on SSU, LSU, ITS and TEF1-α sequence data of S. deightonii and S. tessarthra, Tanaka et al. (2015) accommodated Spegazzinia in Didymosphaeriaceae (Dothideomycetes). This placement was supported by the phylogenetic analysis of Thambugala et al. (2017) that placed Spegazzinia in a basal clade in Didymosphaeriaceae. Hughes (1953) characterized Spegazzinia as a hypomycetous taxon with an unique basauxic conidiogenous cell development wherein conidiophore produces cupulate to doliiforn conidiophore-mother-cells from which monoblastic conidiogenous cells develop. The conidia of Spegazzinia are brown to dark brown and dimorphic in most species, with a disc-shaped form and a stellate form (Ellis 1971, Manoharachary & Kunwar 2010). However, very little molecular data for this genus are available in the GenBank and taxa should be recollected to obtain DNA sequences in future.