Spathulosporales Kohlm., Mycologia 65(3): 615 (1973)
Spathulosporales includes Hispidicarpomycetaceae and Spathulosporaceae, while,
Hispidicarpomycetaceae lacks sequence data in GenBank. Sequence data are available only for two
species of Spathulospora. Our phylogenetic analyses with combined LSU, SSU and ITS data
showed that Spathulospora and Rostrupiella species form a well-supported single clade (99% ML,
1.00 PP) within Lulworthiaceae (Fig. 16) and this is similar to Inderbitzin et al. (2004), Campbell et
al. (2005) and Jones et al. (2009, 2019). However, sequence data are not available for the type
species of Spathulospora hence, further collections are need from the type to resolve the
phylogenetic placement of this order. The divergence time for Sordariales is estimated as 121 MYA
(Fig. 2), which falls in the range of family status. The order status may need revision following
further study. Currently there are two families and three genera in this order (Hyde et al. 2020).