Seiridium Nees, Syst. Pilze (Würzburg): 22 (1816) [1816-17]

Index Fungorum number: IF9868

Seiridium, introduced by Nees (1817) is a widespread genus occurring on various terrestrial hosts as saprobes or pathogens (Tsopelas et al. 2007). The coelomycetous asexual morph produces 6-celled conidia (Jeewon 2003, Maharachchikumbura et al. 2014), while the sexual morphs have been identified as Blogiascospora and Lepteutypa (Nag Raj & Kendrick 1985, Senanayake et al. 2015). Blogiascospora marginata was confirmed to be the sexual morph of the type species Seiridium marginatum based on molecular data (Jaklitsch et al. 2016).