Savoryellomycetidae Hongsanan, K.D. Hyde & Maharachch., subclass nov., Index Fungorum number: IF553214

According to Maharachchikumbura et al. (2016b) and Yang et al. (2016b) Conioscyphales was assigned to Diaporthomycetidae, genera incertae sedis, while Fuscosporellales, Pleurotheciales, and Savoryellales were included in the subclass Hypocreomycetidae. In the phylogenetic and molecular clock analyses of (Hongsanan et al. 2017, Hyde et al. 2017a), Conioscyphales, Fuscosporellales, Pleurotheciales, and Savoryellales clustered together as a distinct clade, with a stem age of 268 MYA. Hence, they were referred to a new subclass Savoryellomycetidae by Hongsanan et al. (2017) and this was reinforced in the paper by Dayarathne et al. (2019a). Our phylogenetic analyses with combined LSU, SSU, ITS and rpb2 sequence data also showed Conioscyphales, Fuscosporellales, Pleurotheciales, and Savoryellales formed well-supported distinct clades (100% ML, 1.00 PP, 100% ML, 1.00 PP, 98% ML, 1.00 PP and 100% ML, 1.00 PP, respectively) within the subclass Savoryellomycetidae (Fig. 10). Currently, there are four orders and four families in this subclass.

Type order: Savoryellales Boonyuen, Suetrong, Sivichai, K.L. Pang & E.B.G. Jones 2011

Notes: The subclass Savoryellomycetidae, comprises three orders (Conioscyphales, Pleurotheciales and  Savoryellales); the MCC tree does support the status of Pleurotheciales with high posterior probability, and stem age at 139 MYA, while it has moderate support in phylogenetic tree. We suggest that the ordinal status of Pleurotheciales can be retained. Conioscyphales is a well supported order being a sister clade of Pleurotheciales.

Fig. RAxML maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree (LSU, SSU, TEF1 and RPB2) of Sordariomycetes tree (compressed overview tree) from 345 taxa with all lineages collapsed to order level where possible. Subclasses are indicated in coloured blocks.