Sarcoscypha longitudinalis M. Zeng, Q. Zhao & K.D. Hyde, sp. nov.

MycoBank number:MB ; Index Fungorum number: IF ; Facesoffungi number: FoF 10412;

Etymology: The specific epithet refers to ascospores with longitudinal striates.

Saprobic on dead wood. Sexual morph: Apothecia up to 4 cm high, 2.5 cm broad, solitary, cupulate, stipitate. Stipe up to 1 cm long, 5 mm broad, central, terete, solid, brown, a thin unconspicuous hypha pad close to base. Receptacle cupulate, villose, receptacle surface brown, margin slightly wavy, or deeply split on one side. Disc deeply concave, concolorous with the receptacle surface. Stipitipellis 40−80 µm broad, of textura porrecta, brownish to subhyaline, composed of 5−7 µm broad hyphae, hypha-like hairs abundant on base, 4−6 µm broad, brownish. Ectal excipulum 60−100 µm broad, of textura porrecta to textura prismatica, brownish to hyaline, composed of 4−7 µm broad hyphae mixed with 11−16 × 6−8 µm cells, with hypha-like hairs, 5−7 µm broad, septate, brownish to hyaline, with a rounded end. Medullary excipulum 235−310 µm broad, of textura intricata, composed of 3−4 µm broad interwoven brownish to subhyaline hyphae. Hymenium 280−345 µm broad, subhyaline to brownish, paraphyses exceeding the asci sightly. Paraphyses 2−4 µm broad in the middle, filiform, branched, septate, with a rounded end. Asci 297−359 × 12−14 µm, 8-spored, terminally operculate, subcylindrical, obtuse apexes, becoming narrow towards the base J-. Ascospores [20/1/1, in H2O] (18.3−) 19.3-21.4 (−22.4) × (9.5−) 10.7−12.1 (−12.8) µm (Q = 1.57−1.99 µm, Q = 1.79 ± 0.12), broadly fusiform, equilateral, uniseriate, uniguttulate, ornamentation with several longitudinal striates. Asexual morph: Undetermined.

Figure 19 Sarcoscypha longitudinalis. a−d Fresh specimens. e Stipitipellis. g Excipulum. f Hypha-like hairs on the base. h, j Hypha-like hairs from ectal excipulum. j Hymenium. k Paraphyses. i Apex of Ascus. m−o Asci (o Ascus in Cotton Blue). p−s Ascospores. (s Ascospore in Cotton Blue). Scale bars: e, g = 30 μm. f, h = 50 μm. i, k = 20 μm. j, m−o = 100 μm. l, p−s = 10 μm.