Rhytidospora Jeng & Cain, Mycotaxon 5(1): 278 (1977)

Index Fungorum number: IF4744; 5 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020).
Type species – Rhytidospora tetraspora Jeng & Cain

Notes – Rhytidospora was introduced by Jeng & Cain (1977) based on a single species R. tetraspora, isolated from burro dung in Venezuela. Rhytidospora bispora, R. cainii, R. citriformis, and R. inordinata, were added to this genus by (Doveri 2014). The genus is characterized by cleistothecial ascomata with a cephalothecoid peridium, globose to subglobose, irregularly evanescent asci, and thick-walled, ellipsoidal ascospores with a wrinkled germ pore (Krug & Jeng 1979). The asexual morph of the genus is undetermined.

Figure 1 Rhytidospora tetraspora (Material examined – VENEZUELA, Edo. Sucre, trail between Manacal and Los Pocitos, NW of Irapa, on burro dung, 13 July 1972, K.P. Dumont, R.F. Cain, G.J. Samuels, G. Morillo, J. Farfan, TRTC052086, holotype). a-e Herbarium package details. fi Ascomata. j, k Ascospores (f-k, observed from slides of herbarium package). Scale bars: d = 2000 µm, e = 1000 µm, f-i = 100 µm, j, k = 20 µm.