Rhamphoria Niessl, Verh. nat. Ver. Brünn 14: 204 (1876)

Index Fungorum number: IF4690; 13 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 3 species with sequence data.

Type speciesRhamphoria delicatula Niessl

NotesRhamphoria is characterized by black, astromatic, perithecial ascomata with a distinct papilla or rostrate neck, unitunicate asci with a J-, apical ring and hyaline, dictyospores that may produce ascoconidia while still in the asci (e.g. Rhamphoria pyriformis). The species in Rhamphoria are mainly separated by the size of ascospores, number of transverse and longitudinal septa and to a lesser degree on spore shape (Réblová & Štěpánek 2018).

Figure – Rhamphoria delicatula (redrawn from Réblová & Štěpánek 2018). a Ascomata. b Peridium. c Asci. d Paraphyses. e Ascal apices with apical ring. f Ascospores. g Idriella-like conidiophores and conidia in PDA, 4 weeks. h Phaeoisaria-like conidiophores with conidia in PDA culture, 4 weeks. Scale bars: a = 200 µm, b = 20 µm, c-h = 10 µm.

  • Rhamphoria antarctica

  • Rhamphoria bevanii

  • Rhamphoria buxi

  • Rhamphoria delicatula

  • Rhamphoria icterodes

  • Rhamphoria obliqua

  • Rhamphoria occultata

  • Rhamphoria pyriformis

  • Rhamphoria separata

  • Rhamphoria tenella

  • Rhamphoria thelocarpoidea

  • Rhamphoria tympanidispora

  • Rhamphoria viticola