Pustulipora P.F. Cannon, Mycotaxon 15: 526 (1982)
Index Fungorum number: IF4561; 1 morphological species.
Type species – Pustulipora corticola P.F. Cannon

Notes – The monotypic genus Pustulipora was introduced by Cannon (1982) with P. corticola occurring on the bark. Pustulipora can be distinguished from Dactylidispora by its blistered, rarely cushion-like structures surrounding the germ pore (Cannon 1982). The asexual morph of the genus is undetermined.

Figure 1 Pustulipora corticola (Material examined – UK, Nottinghamshire, Clumber Park, from unidentified bark, 7 September 1956, W.D. Graddon IMI 284968, isotype). a, b Herbarium packet. c-g Ascospores. h Ascoma. i Ascus. j Ascospores (h-j: redraw from Cannon 1982). Scale bars: c = 100 µm, d = 50 µm, e-g = 20 µm.