Psychromyces (’ces. Gr. masc. ad. psychros cold; Gr. masc. n. mykes a fungus; N.L. masc. n. Psychromyces a fungus from the cold).

Index Fungorum number: MB 834189; Facesoffungi number: FoF

Belongs to phylum Basidiomycota, subphylum Puccini- omycotina, class Microbotryomycetes, family Camptobasi- diaceae. The genus is circumscribed based on phylogenetic analyses shown in Figs 1 and 2, with close relationships to the genera Camptobasidium, Glaciozyma and Cryolevonia. Cultures pink, dimorphic or filamentous, initially yeast-like, after incubation filamentous with some or no remaining yeast colonies. Hyphae septate, clamp connections absent or present. Oblong intercalary teliospores produced after 1 month of incubation. Sexual reproduction in the form of germinating basidia from teliospores and basidiospores is not known, but clamped hyphae indicate its sexual reproduction. Assimilated C sources: -d-glucose, sucrose, raffinose and melezitose. Assimilated N sources: nitrate, nitrite and cadav- erine. Glucose is not fermented. Urease reaction is positive. Type species is Psychromyces glacialis (Perini & Zalar).

Type species: Psychromyces glacialis (Perini & Zalar).

Species accepted: Psychromyces glacialis (Perini & Zalar) MB 834190.