Pseudosubramaniomyces Crous, Persoonia 39: 375 (2017)

MycoBank number: MB 823465; Index Fungorum number: IF 823465; Facesoffungi number: FoF 14657; 1 species with sequence data.

Type speciesPseudosubramaniomyces fusisaprophyticus (Matsush.) Crous

Notes – The genus was introduced by Varghese & Rao (1979b) to accommodate S. indicus and S. navicularis. It is characterised by unbranched or sparingly branched, pale brown conidiophores, sympodial and denticulate conidiogenous cells and catenate conidia without a transverse band, lacking setae and swollen separating cells (Seifert et al. 2011). Rajeshkumar et al. (2016a) placed Subramaniomyces within Beltraniaceae based on phylogenetic analysis of S. fusisaprophyticus. However, Crous et al. (2017a) introduced a new genus Pseudosubramaniomyces to accommodate S. fusisaprophyticus and it differs from by lacking lateral conidiogenous cells along the length of the conidiophore stipe, and tends to have pale brown conidiophores.


  • Pseudosubramaniomyces fusisaprophyticus