Pseudocoleodictyospora Doilom & K.D. Hyde, gen. nov. Index Fungorum number: IF551980

Etymology : In reference to its similarity to Coleodictyospora.

Type species: Pseudocoleodictyospora tectonae Doilom & K.D. Hyde sp. nov.

Notes: Pseudocoleodictyospora is introduced as a new genus with Ps. tectonae as the type species. The new genus issimilar to Coleodictyospora in having dark sporodochia, dictyosporous, to bulbil-like, muriform, horizontal conidiaproduced on conidiogenous cell, but the conidia of Pseudocoleodictyospora lack a hyaline sheath. Unfortunately, there is no sequence data available for Coleodictyospora cubensis the type species of the genus Coleodictyospora, in GenBank. Therefore, comparative phylogenetic analyses between Pseudocoleodictyospora and the type of Coleodictyospora could not be carried out. Pseudocoleodictyospora is proposed as a different genus fromColeodictyospora. Three new species; Ps. sukhothaiensis, Ps. tectonae and Ps. thailandica are introduced here. They differ on conidial dimensions. ITS and RPB2 sequence data clearly distinguish their species levels.