Pseudocanariomyces americanus  Can˜ete-Gibas, Wiederhold, Sanders, Ryan & Sosa. sp. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 839083; Index Fungorum number: IF 839083; Facesoffungi number: FoF; (Fig. 2).

Etymology: Refers to the continent where the fungus isolates were obtained.

Type: US, New Mexico, Albuquerque, from human right hip subcutaneous tissue, January 9, 2020, collected by Dr. R. Gehlert, isolated by Victoria Martinez. Holotype: CBS H-24761. Ex-type living culture: CBS 147185 = UTHSCSA DI20-139. GenBank Accession numbers: MT902181 (ITS), MT902391 (LSU), MT904876 (TUB2), MT904877 (RPB2).

Additional strain examined: US, Arizona, Phoenix, isolated   from   human   ear.   UTHSCSA    DI20- 140 = CBS 147186. GenBank Accession numbers: MW194291 (ITS), MW192768 (LSU), MW244626 (TUB2), MW244625 (RPB2).

Description: Ascomata produced on OA after 7 weeks, cleistothecial, superficial, solitary, globose to subglobose, 15–90 × 20–92.5 lm. Ascomatal wall semitranslucent to brown, often surrounded by mycelia    with    textura    angularis    and    textura epidermoidea (Fig. 2h). Asci 8-spored, evanescent, globose to pyriform, with no visible stalk (Fig. 2j–l). Ascospores one-celled, smooth, dark brown, ellip- soidal to fusiform, 12.5–25 × 8.75–15 lm, with sub- apical germ pore (Fig. 2m–n). Conidia one-celled, sessile, chrysosporium-like, brown, smooth and thick- walled, laterally produced on aerial, hyaline to pigmented    hyphae,    obovoid    to     clavate (5–7.75 × 2.5–5 lm) (Fig. 2g).

Cultural characteristics: Colony on MEA after 7 d at 25 °C 24–25 cm diam (Fig. 2a), floccose, margins entire to slightly crenate, greyish white to pale grey (1C1), reverse cream (4A3). Exopigment absent.

Colony on OA after 7d at 25 °C 2.5–2.6 cm diam, floccose, brownish grey (6D3); reverse greyish cream (4C2) (Fig. 2d). Its growth range is from 25 to 45 °C and optimal temperatures are 37- 45 °C. No growth observed at 10 and 50 °C.

Distribution: United States of America.

Fig. 2 Pseudocanariomyces americanus. a–c Colonies on MEA after 7 d at 25, 30, 37 °C, respectively. d–f Colonies on OA after 7 d at 25, 30, 37 °C, respectively. g Sessile conidia. h Detail of peridium. i Semitranslucent ascoma on OA after 7 weeks showing ascospores. j–l Asci (arrow). m Ascospores (arrow) n Germ pores on ascospores (arrow). Scale = 25 lm, unless otherwise indicated. Magnification: j-l = 4009; g-i; m– n = 10009