Pseudoarthropsis cirrhata (Oorschot & de Hoog) Stchigel, Rodr.-Andr. & Cano, comb. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 834928; Index Fungorum number: IF 834928; Facesoffungi number: FoF;

Basionym: Arthropsis cirrhata  Oorschot  &  de  Hoog, Mycotaxon 20: 130 (1984).

Description: Vegetative hyphae septate, pale yellowish orange, smooth- and thin-walled, dichotomously branched, 2–3 μm wide. Fertile hyphae well differentiated, arising at right angles as recurved  lateral  branches of the vegetative hyphae, forming septa basipetally to produce chains of enteroarthric conidia. Arthroconidia yellowish orange, smooth- and thin-walled, cylindrical to cuboid, often broader than long, 2.5–4.0 × 2–3 μm, truncated at both ends, separated by trapezoid connectives, secession rhexolytic. Colonies on PYE reaching 4–5 mm diam after 10 d at 25 °C, powdery, fealty, slightly raised, orange (5A7), pale orange (5A5) at centre; reverse brownish orange (7C8), diffusible pigment brown.

Type: The Netherlands: from a wall near  Schiphol, 1984, C.A.N. van Oorschot (CBS 628.83).