Pseudoarthropsis cirrhata (Oorschot & de Hoog) Stchigel, Rodr.-Andr. & Cano, comb. nov.

Index Fungorum number: MB 834928; Facesoffungi number: FoF

Basionym: Arthropsis cirrhata  Oorschot  &  de  Hoog, Mycotaxon 20: 130 (1984).

Description: Vegetative hyphae septate, pale yellowish orange, smooth- and thin-walled, dichotomously branched, 2–3 μm wide. Fertile hyphae well differenti- ated, arising at right angles as recurved  lateral  branches of the vegetative hyphae, forming septa basipetally to produce chains of enteroarthric conidia. Arthroconidia yellowish orange, smooth- and thin-walled, cylindrical to cuboid, often broader than long, 2.5–4.0 × 2–3 μm, trun- cated at both ends, separated by trapezoid connectives, secession rhexolytic. Colonies on PYE reaching 4–5 mm diam after 10 d at 25 °C, powdery, fealty, slightly raised, orange (5A7), pale orange (5A5) at centre; reverse brownish orange (7C8), diffusible pigment brown.

Type: The Netherlands: from a wall near  Schiphol, 1984, C.A.N. van Oorschot (CBS 628.83).