Prosthemium Kunze, Mykologische Hefte (Leipzig) 1: 17 (1817), Index Fungorum number: IF 9534

Type species: Prosthemium betulinum Kunze, Mykologische Hefte (Leipzig) 1: 18 (1817)

Figure 1 Bayesian 50 % majority rule consensus tree obtained from the combined analysis of ITS, LSU and TUB sequence data from species of Prosthemium and Beverwykella. MP (blue) /ML (green) bootstrap values greater than 70 % and Bayesian posterior probabilities (black) greater than 0.90 are given below and above the nodes. The tree is rooted with Xenostigmina zilleri (CBS 115686). The original isolate numbers are noted after the species names. Newly generated strains in this study are indicated in green.