Pleurotheciella Réblová, Seifert & J. Fourn., Mycologia 104(6): 1304 (2012)

MycoBank number: MB 564282; Index Fungorum number: IF 564282; Facesoffungi number: FoF 05525; 11 species with sequence data.

Type speciesPleurotheciella rivularia Réblová, Seifert & J. Fourn.

NotesPleurotheciella was established by Réblová et al. (2012) with a dactylaria-like asexual morph. The genus is characterised by unbranched to sparingly branched, septate conidiophores, integrated, denticles conidiogenous cells and ellipsoidal to clavate, hyaline, 0– several-septate (Réblová et al. 2012). Pleurotheciella fusiformis is illustrated in this entry.

Figure 203 Pleurotheciella fusiformis (Material examined – CHINA, Yunnan Province, saprobic on decaying wood submerged in Erhai Lake, March 2015, H.Y. Su 1EHS A 17–5, MFLU 17–0908, HKAS 92611; living culture, MFLUCC 17–0115, KUMCC 15–0196). a, b Ascomata on the natural substratum. c, d Vertical sections of the peridium. e, f Asci. g-k Ascospores. Scale bars: c = 100 μm, d-f = 30 μm, g-k = 10 μm.


  • Pleurotheciella rivularia