Platysporoides (Wehm.) Shoemaker & C.E. Babc., Can. J. Bot. 70(8): 1648 (1992).

Saprobic in terrestrial habitats. Ascomata small, scattered, immersed, semi-immersed to nearly superficial, globose, subglobose, black, smooth; apex with a protruding papilla and pore-like ostiole, without periphyses. Peridium thin, composed of a few layers of textura angularis. Hamathecium of numerous, cellular pseudoparaphyses, anastomosing, septate. Asci bitunicate, fissitunicate, cylindrical to cylindro-clavate, with a short, furcate pedicel and minute ocular chamber. Ascospores broadly ellipsoid, reddish brown, muriform.

 Type species: Platysporoides chartarum (Fuckel) Shoemaker & C.E. Babc., Can. J. Bot. 70(8): 1650 (1992)