Phyllachorales comprises three families viz. Phaeochoraceae, Phyllachoraceae and
Telimenaceae (Dayarathne et al. 2017, Mardones et al. 2017). In our phylogenetic analyses with
concatenated ITS, LSU and SSU sequence data, the Phaeochoraceae formed a monophyletic clade
with high statistical support (98% ML) (Fig. 21). Phaeochoraceae comprises Cocoicola,
Phaeochora, Phaeochoropsis and Serenomyces and sequence data are available only for two
Cocoicola strains and one Serenomyces species. However, the type genus Phaeochora lacks
sequence data. Phyllachoraceae formed a less stable clade within Phyllachorales. Out of 54 genera
in Phyllachoraceae, sequences data are available for only five genera. A few Polystigma strains
grouped within Phyllachorales in two different places which is similar to the study of Dayarathne et
al. (2017). However, Polystigma was excluded and placed within the reinstated Polystigmataceae
by Jones et al. (2019) and Bundhun et al. (2019). Telimenaceae species also formed a monophyletic
clade in our phylogram, but with low statistical support (Fig. 21). The divergence time for
Phyllachorales is estimated as 168 MYA (Fig. 2). Currently there are three families and 60 genera
in this order (this paper).