Phormopsora Elvebakk, S.G. Hong & C.H. Park, gen. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 837373; Index Fungorum number: IF 837373; Facesoffungi number: FoF 13343;

Generitype: Phormopsora isabellina (Vain.) Elvebakk, Hong & C.H. Park.

Diagnosis: Differs from Pannaria by its content of norstictic and connorstictic acids and combination of large, branched chlorobiont squamules with large, foliose cephalodia and from most species in Pannaria by a thick- walled upper cortex with small lumina, and by bullate perispores with long-apiculate apical extensions.

Etymology: From Greek “phormós” (= “mat”) and “psora” (“scale”) because of it thallus of large and often intertwining squamules.

Description: Thallus of chloromorph 2–5 cm diam., corticolous, large-squamulose, squamules up to 3 mm, irregularly branched, forming pale gray rosettes, often surrounded by a distinct prothallus. Upper cortex paraplectenchymatic, with thick walls. Cephalodia large, placodioid to foliose. Apothecia common, discs rufous brown with crenulate- striate thalline margins. Hymenium IKI+ blue, asci without internal amyloid structures. Proper spores ellipsoid, perispores gibbose, with long, filiform apical extensions.

Chemistry: norstictic and connorstictic acids.