Phaeotrichum Cain & M.E. Barr, Can. J. Bot. 34: 676 (1956).

MycoBank number: MB 3967;Index Fungorum number: IF 3967; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08132; 5 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 4 species with molecular data.

Type species: Phaeotrichum hystricinum Cain & M.E. Barr.

Notes: Phaeotrichum was introduced by Cain (1956) to accommodate two coprophilous species, P. hystricinum and P. circinatum. Phaeotrichum species are characterized by dark brown, septate ascospores with terminal germ pores, superficial cleistothecial ascomata covered by long hairy appendages and a coprophilous habitat (Cain 1956). Phaeotrichum contains only five species (Index Fungorum 2020). Four species occur in dung and one from soil: P. benjaminii (on dung of Rodentia), P. circinatum (on dung of Lemmini), P. cylindrosporum (on dung of Erythizon dorsatus), P. hystricinum (on dung of porcupine) and P. setosum (from soil) (Fig. 67).

Fig. 67 Phaeotrichum hystricinum (redrawn from Cain 1956). a Ascomata with black appendages. b, c Appendages. d Black and opaque basal appendages. e, f Asci. g Ascospores


  • Phaeotrichum hystricinum