Phaeothecoidiella Batzer & Crous, in Yang et al., Persoonia 24: 30 (2010).

MycoBank number: MB 5514394; Index Fungorum number: IF 5514394; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06973; 2 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 2 species with molecular data.

Type speciesPhaeothecoidiella missouriensis Batzer & Crous, in Yang et al., Persoonia 24: 32 (2010).

NotesPhaeothecoidiella is an asexual hyphomycetous genus found on surface of apples (Yang et al. 2010). Phaeothecoidiella is similar to Phaeotheca, Hyphospora and Phaeothecoidea (Yang et al. 2010). Hyphae of this genus, however, are covered in a prominent mucilaginous sheath, thus Hughes (1976) suggested that the taxa could occur elsewhere in nature as true sooty moulds. Yang et al. (2010) stated that Phaeothecoidiella species are probably opportunistic on the surface of apple fruits. Phaeothecoidiella contains two species with sequence data in GenBank (Yang et al. 2010). Phylogenetic analyses based on ITS, LSU and SSU data indicate that Phaeothecoidiella is closely related to Chaetothyrina species within Phaeothecoidiellaceae (Hongsanan et al. 2017).


  • Phaeothecoidiella missouriensis