Pellucida Dulym., Sivan., P.F. Cannon & Peerally, Mycol. Res. 105(2): 250 (2001)

MycoBank number: MB 28461; Index Fungorum number: IF 28461; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06451; 1 morphological species.

Type speciesPellucida pendulina Dulym., Sivan., P.F. Cannon & Peerally

NotesPellucida pendulina occurs on native plants in Mauritius (Dulymamode et al. 2001). The genus was placed in Hyponectriaceae and no close relatives have been identified (Dulymamode et al. 2001). Pellucida has immersed, white to buff, globose, ascomata on the abaxial and adaxial leaf surfaces, externally only visible as minute depressed areas representing the ostioles, cylindrical asci with a J+, apical ring, and hyaline, filiform, multiseptate, ascospores, parallel or helically arranged in the ascus (Dulymamode et al. 2001).


  • Pellucida pendulina