Parasarocladium Summerb., J.A. Scott, Guarro & Crous, Microorganisms 6(88): 17 (2018)

MycoBank number: MB 826815; Index Fungorum number: IF 826815; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06279; 4 species with sequence data.

Type speciesParasarocladium radiatum (Sukapure & Thirum.) Summerb., J.A. Scott, Guarro & Crous

NotesParasarocladium was introduced for Acremonium species that formed a sister clade with Sarocladium sensu stricto (Crous et al. 2018b, Summerbell et al. 2018). The genus is distinguished from Sarocladium by branched tufts of up to four conidiophores and the homologues characteristic of CAACTTT motif at 5’ end of 5.8S rDNA (Summerbell et al. 2018).


  • Parasarocladium radiatum