Parafuscosporella J. Yang, J. Bhat & K.D. Hyde, Cryptog Mycol 37(4): 458 (2016)

MycoBank number: MB 552292; Index Fungorum number: IF 552292; Facesoffungi number: FoF 12889; 3 species with sequence data.

Type speciesParafuscosporella moniliformis J. Yang, J. Bhat & K.D. Hyde

NotesParafuscosporella resembles Fuscosporella based on their almost similar morphology. However, the two genera are phylogenetically distinct (Fig. 10) and can be distinguished by the morphology of conidia which are produced in culture. Among the three accepted species, conidia of P. garethii are obpyramidal, coronate at the apex with conical projections, while those of P. moniliformis and P. mucosa are obovoid to obpyriform (Boonyuen et al. 2016, Yang et al. 2016b).