Paraepicoccum Matsush., Matsush. Mycol. Mem. 7: 59 (1993), Index Fungorum Number: IF 26487

The genus Paraepicoccum was introduced by Matsushima (1993) to accommodate P. amazonense and is presently placed in Pezizomycotina, genera incertae sedis (Index Fungorum 2016). Paraepicoccum amazonense grows on leaf litter and aquatic plants (Orłowska et al. 2004; Seifert et al. 2011). We found P. amazonense associated with dead branches of Tamarix species and phylogenetic analysis (Fig. 16) of sequence data revealed the placement of this species in Pleosporineae, Pleosporales and it formed a separate clade in Camarosporium sensu stricto, however only coelomycetous asexual morphs have been reported in Camarosporium sensu stricto (Wijayawardene et al. 2014c). Therefore, tentatively we retain Paraepicoccum in Pleosporales, genera incertae sedis. We designate our collection as epitype (sensu Ariyawansa et al. 2014b) because the holotype of Paraepicoccum amazonense is not available for study.

Type species: Paraepicoccum amazonense Matsush., Matsush. Mycol. Mem. 7: 59 (1993)