Parabambusicolaceae Kaz. Tanaka & K. Hiray., in Tanaka et al., Stud. Mycol. 82: 115 (2015)

Index Fungorum number: IF811324

Parabambusicolaceae (Massarineae, Pleosporales) was established with Parabambusicola as the type (Tanaka et al. 2015). The family is characterized by pseudothecioid ascomata, clavate to fusiform, fissitunicate asci, and hyaline or brown phragmospores. The asexual morphs in Parabambusicolaceae are sporodochial or monodictys-like hyphomycetes or coelomycetes (Liu et al. 2015, Tanaka et al. 2015, Li et al. 2016, Wanasinghe et al. 2017, Phukhamsakda et al. 2018, Samarakoon et al. 2019a). Wijayawardene et al. (2020) accepted nine genera in Parabambusicolaceae. An updated phylogeny for the family is provided