Nothophaeomoniella Crous, gen. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 839543; Index Fungorum number: IF 839543; Facesoffungi number: FoF;

Etymology: Name refers to its morphological similarity to Phaeomoniella.

Classification:Phaeomoniellaceae, Phaeomoniellales, Eurotiomycetes.

Conidiomata pycnidial, black, globose, with central ostiole, separate or aggregated; wall of 6 – 8 layers of brown textura angularis. Conidiophores reduced to conidiogenous cells, ampulliform, lining inner cavity, hyaline to pale brown, smooth, phialidic. Conidia solitary, aseptate, hyaline, smooth, ellipsoid.

Type species: Nothophaeomoniella ekebergiae Crous.