Neopseudomelanconis C.M. Tian & N. Jiang, Mycosphere 9: 1273 (2018)

MycoBank number: MB 825183; Index Fungorum number: IF 825183; Facesoffungi number: FoF 04969; 1 species with sequence data.

Type speciesNeopseudomelanconis castaneae C.M. Tian & N. Jiang

Notes – The genus was introduced to accommodate Neopseudomelanconis castaneae, a species on dead branches of Castanea mollissima in China (Jiang et al. 2018). The new genus was based on morphology and phylogenetic evidence of ITS and LSU genes (Jiang et al. 2018). Neopseudomelanconis was reported to have acervular conidiomata, cylindrical and hyaline conidiophores, conidiogenous cells with apical collaretes and discreet annellations, and ellipsoid to oblong, 2-celled, hyaline to brown mature conidia with a hyaline conidial sheath (Jiang et al. 2018).


  • Neopseudomelanconis castaneae