Neohelicomyces Z.L. Luo, Bhat & K.D. Hyde, Cryptog. Mycol. 38(1): 39 (2017).

MycoBank number: MB 818820; Index Fungorum number: IF 818820; Facesoffungi number: FoF 02643; – 8 morphological species (Species Fungo rum 2020), 8 species with molecular data.

Type species: Neohelicomyces aquaticus Z.L. Luo, Bhat & K.D. Hyde, Cryptog. Mycol. 38(1): 40 (2017).

Notes: Neohelicomyces was introduced to accommodate N. aquaticus, N. grandisporus, and N. submersus. Lu et al. (2018b) introduced Neohelicomyces hyalosporus, and synonymized Helicosporium pallidum under Neohelicomyces based on phylogenetic and morphological evidence. Tibpromma et al. (2018b) reported Neohelicomyces pandanicola from dead roots of Pandanus. Crous et al. (2019a) introduced N. deschampsiae from the culm base of dead leaf sheath of Deschampsia cespitosa. Neohelicomyces can be recognized from other helicosporous hyphomycetous by its hyaline conidiophores and conidia (Luo et al. 2017; Lu et al. 2018b; Crous et al. 2019a).


  • Neohelicomyces aquaticus