Mytilinidiales E.W.A. Boehm, C.L. Schoch & Spatafora.

MycoBank number: MB 511989; Index Fungorum number: IF 511989; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08100;

Mytilinidiaceae represents a monophyletic group, defining Mytilinidiales (Boehm et al. 2009a). The conchate nature of the fruiting body and the thin-walled peridium are unique characters of this family. Monophyletic sequence data and spore morphology indicate a complex pattern of speciation within the family (Boehm et al. 2009a). Asexual morphs in the family are primarily coelomycetous and less frequently hyphomycetous (Lohman 1932, 1933a, b, Blackwell & Gilbertson 1985, Speer 1986). The hyphomycetous genus Taeniolella was previously placed in Mytilinidiaceae (Hyde et al. 2013, Wijayawardene et al. 2018), although Ertz et al. (2016) classified it under family Kirschsteiniotheliaceae based on DNA sequence data. Phylogenetic placements of genera in Mytilinidiales are shown in Fig. 40 The divergence time for Mytilinidiales is estimated as 219 MYA (stem age) (Fig. 2).

Accepted families: Mytilinidiaceae.

Figure 2 – The maximum clade credibility (MCC) tree of families in Dothideomycetes obtained from a Bayesian approach (BEAST). The fossil minimum age constraints and second calibrations used in this study are marked with green dots. Bars correspond to the 95 % highest posterior density (HPD) intervals. The scale axis shows divergence times as millions of years ago (MYA). Geological periods are indicated at the base of the tree.

Figure 2 – Continued.

Figure 2 – Continued.