Merulius tomentopileatus Authority.

MycoBank number: MB 843322; Index Fungorum number: IF 843322; Facesoffungi number: FoF 12688;

Notes: This species has the typical merulioid hymenophore, which is consistent with the representative morphological character of the genus Merulius, and phylogenetically it clusters into genus Merulius (Fig. 2), so we proposed a new combination as Merulius tomentopileatus.

Fig. 2 Maximum Parsimony strict consensus tree illustrating the phylogeny of Phlebia in the family Meruliaceae based on ITS+nLSU+TEF1+mt-SSU+GAPDH+RPB1+RPB2 sequences. Branches are labelled with (BS) > 70%, (BT) > 50% and (BPP) > 0.95, respectively. The new species are in bold.