Merulius fuscotuberculatus Authority.

MycoBank number: MB 843320; Index Fungorum number: IF 843320; Facesoffungi number: FoF 12685;

Notes: This species was located into Phlebia s.l. (Huang & Zhao 2020), but the genus Merulius shows as a single lineage inferred from the phylogenetical data in the present study (Fig. 2), so we propose a new combination species as Merulius fuscotuberculata.

Fig. 1 Maximum Parsimony strict consensus tree illustrating the phylogeny of Phlebia in the family Meruliaceae based on ITS+nLSU+TEF1+mt-SSU+GAPDH+RPB1+RPB2 sequences. Branches are labelled with (BS) > 70%, (BT) > 50% and (BPP) > 0.95, respectively. The new species are in bold.