Magnaporthiopsis J. Luo & N. Zhang, Mycologia 105: 1021 (2013)

Index Fungorum number: IF802972; 7 species with sequence data.

Type species – Magnaporthiopsis poae (Landsch. & N. Jacks.) J. Luo & N. Zhang

Notes – Magnaporthiopsis was introduced as a phialophora-like asexual genus. It was identified to Magnaporthaceae based on phylogenetic analyses of multi-genes (SSU, ITS, LSU, MCM7, rpb1, tef1) (Luo & Zhuang 2012). The sexual morph characters are globose ascomata with a cylindrical neck and black, clavate asci with a refractive ring and fusiform to fusoid, septate, hyaline or yellow-brown ascospores (Luo & Zhuang 2012).