Lophiotremataceae K. Hiray. & Kaz. Tanaka, Mycoscience 52: 405 (2011).

Index Fungorum number: IF 561063; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08284, 57 species.

Saprobic on diverse range of plants. Sexual morph: Ascomata immersed, erumpent at the apex, subglobose to globose scattered or aggregated. Ostiolated with a crest-like ostiolar neck or rarely papillate, mostly elongated and compressed laterally. Peridium pale brown, composed of rectangular to globose cells. Hamathecium comprising filamentous, septate, branched and anastomosed, trabeculate pseudoparaphyses. Asci bitunicate, fissitunicate, cylindrical, with a short stipe or sessile, rounded at the apex, with an ocular chamber and 8-spored. Ascospores obliquely 1- seriate and partially overlapping to 2-seriate, fusiform to broadly fusiform or cylindrical, hyaline to brown, 1- to multi-septate, smooth-walled. (Hashimoto et al. 2017b, Hirayama & Tanaka. 2011). Asexual morph: Conidiomata pycnidial, globose to subglobose, scattered or grouped, semi- immersed to immersed or superficial, ostiolate, rarely papillate. Peridium composed of subglobose to rectangular, pale brown to brown cells. Conidiophores reduced to conidiogenous cells. Conidiogenous cells holoblastic or phialidic, ampulliform to cylindrical, hyaline. Conidia ellipsoidal to cyllindrical with rounded ends or slightly angular ends, hyaline, aseptate or 1-septate or multi-septate, smooth-walled (adapted from Hashimoto et al. 2017b).

TypeLophiotrema Sacc.

NotesLophiotremataceae was introduced by Hirayama & Tanaka (2011) following a revision of two closely related genera Lophiostoma and Lophiotrema previously considered to belong to family Lophiostomataceae. Based on morphological characters and molecular phylogenetic data using LSU and SSU sequence data, Hirayama & Tanaka (2011) confirmed the placement of these two genera in separate families, and introduced a new family Lophiotremataceae. Doilom et al. (2016) and Tibpromma et al. (2016a) considered Aquasubmersa and Hermatomyces belonged to the same family. Hashimoto et al. (2017b) revised Lophiotremataceae based on morphology and molecular phylogenetic approach using ITS, LSU, rpb-2, SSU, and tef1 and introduced five genera Atrocalyx, Crassimassarina, Cryptoclypeus, Galeaticarpa, and Pseudocryptoclypeus to the family. They also placed Aquasubmersa and Hermatomyces in Aquasubmersaceae and Hermatomycetaceae, respectively.