Lolia Abdel-Aziz & Abdel-Wahab, Mycotaxon 114: 36 (2011) [2010].

MycoBank number: MB 518528; Index Fungorum number: IF 518528; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08270; 2 morphological species, 2 species with molecular data (Lolia aquatica Abdel-Aziz & Abdel-Wahab and Lolia dictyospora Abdel-Aziz).

Type speciesLolia aquatica Abdel-Aziz & Abdel-Wahab, Mycotaxon 114: 36 (2011).

Notes – The asexual morph of the type species was illustrated from a decayed stem of Phragmites australis in irrigation canals of the River Nile (Abdel-Aziz & Abdel-Wahab, 2010). Subsequently the sexual morph of Lolia aquatica and a new species, L. dictyospora, were described from decayed submerged wood in the River Nile (Abdel-Aziz 2016a). Lolia has acervular conidiomata, clavate, ellipsoidal, cylindrical conidia and apical, sub-apical and basal appendages (Dong et al. 2020). Its sexual morph characters are typical of Lindgomassariosphaeria, but differs based on its fusiform to clavate, transversely septate ascospores, occasionally with one longitudinal or oblique septa.


  • Lolia aquatica