Kathistes Malloch & M. Blackw., Can. J. Bot. 68(8): 1712 (1990)

Index Fungorum number: IF25513; 3 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 2 species with sequence data.

Type species Kathistes calyculata Malloch & M. Blackw.

Notes Kathistes was introduced as the type genus in Kathistaceae by Malloch & Blackwell (1990), which was originally described with three species (K. analemmoides, K. calyculata, K. fimbriata). The genus is characterized by longnecked, brown to dark ascomata, transparent at the base, and germinating ascospores produced by budding yeastlike cells (Malloch & Blackwell 1990).

Figure 1 Kathistes spp. (a-i: Kathistes calyculata, j, k: K. fimbriata, l-r: K. analemmoides, redrawn from Malloch & Blackwell 1990). a Ascoma with dark neck and hyaline base. b Asci. c Ascospores. d Ascospores after 4 h on agar Germ tubes have developed by this time. e-g Ascospores after 19, 27, and 42 h on agar, respectively. Yeast cells have begun to develop. h Yeast cells after several days. i Sporidioma showing single-celled wall at base and sporidiolae filling hollow darkened neck cell. j Ascoma with dark neck and hyaline base. k Three ascospores illustrating differences in septation, size, and pigmentation. l Ascomata. m Asci. n Ascospores from an extruded spore mass. One ascospore has begun producing yeast cells. o-q Three ascospores, each drawn at 2, 3, 4, and 18 h after being placed on agar r Sporidioma showing a single wall layer of base and darkened hollow neck cell.


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