Junewangia W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, Mycotaxon 81: 307 (2002)

MycoBank number: MB 28602; Index Fungorum number: IF 28602; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06603; 6 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 4 species with sequence data (Xia et al. 2017, Song et al. 2018).

Type speciesJunewangia sphaerospora W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones

Notes – Baker et al. (2002) introduced Junewangia with J. sphaerospora as the type species. At the same time, they transferred four Acrodictys species which have subglobose, uniformly pigmented conidia with angular or oblique septa to Junewangia. Junewangia is morphologically similar with Acrodictys. However, conidia of Acrodictys is conspicuous, cuneiform or funnel- shaped basal cells, while the basal cells of Junewangia are inconspicuous (Xia et al. 2017).

Figure 138 Junewangia sphaerospora (redrawn from Baker et al. 2002). This drawing shows the mycelia, conidiophores, conidiogenous cells and conidia of Junewangia sphaerospora. Scale bars: 15 μm.


  • Junewangia sphaerospora