Hypomontagnella Sir, L. Wendt & C. Lambert, in Lambert, Wendt, Hladki, Stadler & Sir, Mycol. Progr. 18(1-2): 190 (2018) [2019]

Index Fungorum number: IF 827251

Lambert et al. (2019) recently erected this genus typified by Hypomontagnella monticulosa to accommodate several species previously belonging to Hypoxylon. Hypomontagnella differs from Annulohypoxylon and Jackrogersella by having smooth perispores or with transversally striate ornamentations, and it differs from Hypoxylon by having woody to carbonaceous stromata lacking colored granules, papillate ostioles usually with a black annulate disc, and without apparent KOH-extractable pigments in mature stromata (Lambert et al. 2019).