Hyaliappendispora Senan., Camporesi & K.D. Hyde, gen. nov. MycoBank MB821548.

Index Fungorum number: IF821548; 1 species with sequence data.

Etymology: Name reflects hyaline ascospores with long appendages.

Type species: Hyaliappendispora galii Senan., Camporesi & K.D. Hyde.

Saprobic on dead stems. Sexual morph Ascomata solitary to aggregate, immersed, globose to subglobose, black to brown, coriaceous, ostiolate, papillate. Papilla short, wide, internally covered by hyaline periphyses. Peridium comprising outer, dark brown, thick-walled cells of textura angularis and inner, thin-walled, hyaline, compressed cells of textura angularis. Hamathecium comprising filiform, septate, hyaline paraphyses which are longer than asci. Asci 8-spored, unitunicate, cylindrical to fusiform, short pedicellate, apex rounded with a J- pical ring. Ascospores biseriate to overlapping biseriate, oval to ellipsoid, hyaline, medianly 1-septate, multiguttulate, with appendages. Appendages at both apical and basal ends, long, thread-like, covered by loose capsule. Asexual morph Ceolomycetous. Sporulate on PDA at 20 °C after 1 mo, crowded at colony margin, appears at pale yellow bubbles when release the conidial mass. Conidiomata globose, erumpent, black. Peridium comprising thick-walled, pale brown cells of textura angularis. Conidiophores ampuliform, septate, branched, hyaline. Conidiogeneous cells phialidic, terminal, cylindrical, elongate, hyaline. Conidia fusiform, unicellular, hyaline, smooth.


  • Hyaliappendispora galii