Harzia Costantin, Mucéd. Simpl. (Paris): 42 (1888)

Index Fungorum number: IF8458; 12 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 10 species with sequence data.
Type species – Harzia acremonioides (Harz) Costantin

Notes – Harzia was introduced by Costantin et al. (1888) with the type species H. acremonioides (≡ Monosporium acremonioides), a seed-borne species from the soil. The genus is characterised by hyaline mycelium and conidiophores and 1-celled, brown to a golden brown, ovoid to subglobose, usually smooth-walled conidia, but sometimes with a slight wrinkling/exposure, and each species tending to vary in conidia size (Horne & Williamson 1923, Domsch et al. 1980). In the phylogenetic analysis, the genus formed a monophyletic clade in the family phylogenetic tree and is sister to genus Melanospora with high bootstrap support (99%ML).