Halotthia posidoniae (Durieu & Mont.) Kohlm., Nova Hedwigia 6: 9 (1963). Fig. 85

MycoBank number: MB 331652; Index Fungorum number: IF 331652; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08848.

Material examined   –   France,   PyrénééOrientales,   dredged   near   Banyuls-sur-Mer,   on Posidonia oceanica, 19 May 1962, J. Kohlmeyer No. 808c, (NY 01389657, type).

Figure 85 Halotthia posidoniae (NY 01389657, holotype). a Specimen and description. b Close up of ascomata. c Section through ascomata. d Hamathecium. e–f Asci when immature. g Ocular chamber. h Ascospores when immature. i–k Ascospores. Scale bars: c= 100 μm, e, f = 50 μm, d, g–k = 20 μm.