Flabellascus Réblová, PLoS ONE 10(12): e0144616, 15 (2015)
Index Fungorum number: IF814416; 1 species with sequence data.

Type species – Flabellascus tenuirostris Réblová

Notes – The monotypic genus Flabellascus is characterized by tiny asci with ascogenous hyphae and ampulliform phialides with aseptate, allantoid conidia (Réblová et al. 2015b). The sexual morph of Flabellascus is similar to Jattaea and they are distinguished by the different asexual morphs. However, Flabellascus constitutes an independent clade within Calosphaeriaceae based on a multi-gene analysis (Réblová et al. 2015b).


  • Flabellascus tenuirostris